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Are You tired of being Sick and Tired?

Have you spent countless hours and days getting a Diagnoses or still not knowing?


Have been told it's all in your head!


Maybe you've been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder or label.


Do your days involve pain, inflammation, nausea, and fatigue etc.


Do you some days just feel like your going to die and others wishing you would?


Energy level is non existent?

Brain fog, lack of concentration.


Have to make yourself get up and go?


Have been given multiple prescription meds i.e. for pain, for moods, depression.



Let's work Naturally to give you a quality of life that includes


Easing the pain.


Ease the inflammation.


Increase the energy!

Be able to think!


Work toward removing some or all the meds and reasons for them.


Wanting to get up and start your day.


Caring about moving forward in life.


Knowing you can give whether to you, your kids, partner from your whole heart.


I met Dee in 2009 we were participating in a mastermind class together, I quickly picked up on her extraordinary gifts as an empath and what I would call a spiritual healer. She had a very welcoming presence that I knew immediately she was authentic in her abilities and I was very quick to trust her in her guidance. As I went through an extremely challenging time she was Incredibly helpful in supporting me spiritually- and also with flower essences during the transition of my late sister. Throughout the years' Dee and I have maintained a friendship and also I go to her for muscle testing- spiritual guidance- I can't say enough about her amazing elderberry syrup to get my household through cold and flu season! she is truly a gift to this world and I'm so grateful to her and all her wisdom.

— Gabrielle

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